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Radically Versatile

The SWITCH is a versatile harness designed for speed flying, speed riding, and hike & fly. It’s durable and full-featured, for pilots who want options.

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1'120.00 CHF inkl. MwSt.

    • Removable ultralight back protection
    • Sleek & compact speed flying mode
    • Paragliding mode with back protector & under-seat reserve
    • Full featured backpack for speed riding / flying

    Speed Flying / Riding

    When you want a compact and sleek harness for speed flights, zip off the back protector and reserve compartment for a low profile and comfortable configuration.

    Paragliding / Soaring

    Adding the ultralight inflatable pack protector and reserve compartment makes the SWITCH an ideal choice for extended soaring flights, or any application where a reserve and protector is desired. The protector is inflated using the included inflation bag, allowing quick and easy setup with excellent impact protection.

    The Backpack

    With ski / snowboard carry system, compression straps, hydration access, and a comfortable and ergonomic support frame, the SWITCH pack is a joy to carry. The reserve compartment is secure while in pack mode, but allows easy extraction in the case of a reserve deployment. In flight, the back storage compartment can be compressed via zipper to reduce the storage profile when desired.

    Harness Structure & Design

    The SWITCH harness is a hybrid design, with a split leg & bucket seat combination for comfortable support and precise piloting. It is a smooth transition from running, kiting, or skiing, to seated flight. Easy-access side pocket, an out-of-the-way speed bar system, and the durable two buckle closure make it clean and easy to use.


    The SWITCH is sold in two versions: Slick, and Complete:

    Slick Mode: Harness only, without back protection and reserve compartment. Delivers with speed-bar system and Edelrid Foras carabiners.

    Complete: Harness, speed system, carabiners, plus inflatable back protection with bag-pump (to inflate the back pro), reserve container, and reserve risers including two Peguet carabiners.